Womb Keeper- The Rite of the Womb Nr 2

Womb Keeper- The Rite of the Womb Nr 2


Start time: Saturday 14:00 (09 December)
End time: Saturday 18:00 (09 December)


Womb Keeper- Rite of the Womb

I´m very happy to invite you to receive the transmission of the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki Ritual.

This is a transmission to heal the womb. It has traveled from the Amazon, from women to women. From womb to womb and now to you!
After you have received the Rite you will be able to pass forward to other women. Making this beautiful Rite most alive and organic.
I will give you an manual of the Rite to support you, and you will have the possibility to register as a Womb Keeper. After I received the Rite I have been lovingly supported and I will do the same for you. You can always contact me after the circle.

We are all spiritual beings, like everything else around us. It is not something you do or go to a workshop to become. And regardless if you grow up with some kind of spiritual practice or not I think it´s something calling many of us. Something old and deep inside of us, and it´s time to create space to honor it in our lives.
For all of us sisters we have a beautiful ability. The ability to heal ourselves and when we do we also heal our sisters and ancestors.
The blood is the smallest carrier of consciousness in the body. So we get to purify our consciousness every month.
And I believe that now is the perfect time to stop believing in the lies we have been told about menstruation and our cycle. Time to let go of the shame around it. Deep down we all know the truth, but sometimes we need a reminder, and I want to create a space where we sisters support each other. Where we can be strong and vulnerable together. I will also share with you how I am healing myself from a supposed chronically hormonal dis-ease.

Women are beautifully connected to the moon, and through the cycle of the moon we can get a deeper understanding for our own. The moon is a better guardian of time then the clock on our wrists. The thing is though that we need to stay natural, stop with the hormones and know that there is other natural ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy and to treat cramps and pain. When we resist the power of our flow there is often pain.
The womb is a place of truth and very much connected to truth in our lives and relationships. Same for a women’s sexuality.
We tend to store pain, suffering, trauma and stress in our womb. And in the same way as you enjoy a massage for stiff shoulders or pain in the neck, we can enjoy a healing of the womb. To resolve our old stuck feelings, but also the feelings from our culture and society, guilt and shame we might have experienced in our lives.
But again, same as with massage, it is beautiful and healthy to experience it from time to time there can also be good to connect with rot cause so that we don´t keep on getting those knots and stiffness in our bodies.
Throughout history women have come together and gathered in the sacred space of circles to empower each other and share wisdom. I think now we need it more then ever, and this is a dream shared by many. Lets make the magic we want to experience in life! Lets take that responsibility for ourselves and give that support to others!
“The womb is not a place to store fear and pain. The womb is a place to create and give birth to live.”
~Rite of the Womb

Content of the circle:

-Knowledge about your cycle, the moon and the seasons
-Steps to become healthier and to be in deep connection
-Learn about monthly offerings
-We will make a family inspired constellation to heal our female ancestors
-A beautiful guided meditation
-You will receive The Rite of the Womb
-Learn how to create the space
-Manual on Swedish and English to support you to be a Womb Keeper

For whom: anyone that have or had a womb or that identify as a woman.

We will keep the circle quite small and intimate so to make sure you have a spot register at nathalies@live.se and make full payment.

Energy exchange: 500 kr

The circle will take place at Södermalm, Stockholm you will get directions with the registration.
Time: 12.00-17.00 including break

Compfy clothes, water bottle and a red rose.

For any questions connect at nathalies@live.se

Warmly welcome

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