Swedish Folk Dance Course

Swedish Folk Dance Course


Start time: Tuesday 09:00 (24 July)
End time: Thursday 16:30 (26 July)


Anton Schneider is a celebrated dance teacher and dancer, with a wealth of experience in creating folk dance performances for the stage. Anton is known for his energy and the simplicity that is a trademark of his teaching of dance. In his work as a teacher he empowers participants through involvement in the process of learning and creating. As a dancer he seeks for qualities that are unique to folk dance in its relation to gravity, flow and movement rooted in musicality. His formal education in Swedish folk dance was completed at The School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been performing and teaching in Sweden and abroad since 2003.

Kristofer Petterson – ”The fullfilment of my musical circle takes place in the meeting with dancers; without dance the music becomes incomplete. In collaboration with the countries best dance teachers I have spent a lot of time and energy in researching the communication between dance and music. My instrument is silvernyckelharpa and in 2016 I became world champion!”

NOTE: This course aims for our international guests. The course will be given in English.

The courses take place in Rävemåla located 9 km south-east of Korrö. Carpooling from Korrö to Rävemåla. Lunch is served in Rävemåla. Dinner, camping and hostel – Korrö Hantverksby.

Monday July 23 at 19.00 we get together at 19 for an informal start-up. [Korrö]
Tuesday July 24 – Thursday July 26 tuitition from 09.00-16.30 [Rävemåla]
Thursday July 26 – Saturday July 28. Main festival days. Included in the course fee: festival pass, entrance to the dance night (Tuesday July 24), concert and barbeque night (Wednesday July 25).
Sunday July 29 – SPELMANSSTÄMMA in Älmeboda Hembygdspark in Rävemåla.

The courses cost 2250 SEK
Food – lunch, dinner, coffee (Tuesday-Thursday) Breakfast not included.
NOTE: The festival entrance is included in the course price so you don´t have to purchase that separately. Accomodation is not included.

The following accomodation options are available:
Bring your tent The camping area is located within the festival area. In the area you can find showers, toilets, a sauna. The stream is also there if you feel lika a more naturalistic cleansing! There´s a simple service tent with tables, chairs, fridge and kettle. Camping is open during the entire festival. Price: 300 SEK per person from Monday to Sunday. Additional cost of 300 SEK per tent.

Caravan/Mobile home Electicity included in the price. NOTE: Gas is not allowed on the area so leave your tubes at home! Shower and sauna available in the festival area. Limited number of vehicles. Price: 300 SEK per person Monday-Sunday. Additional cost of 600 SEK per vehicle.

Hostel/Dorm rooms If you want a slightly higher standard for your stay it is possible to stay at the hostel, however not during the festival days Friday-Sunday. Unfortunately there is no possibility to accomodate larger groups. Dorm room bed costs 350 SEK/night.

E-mail questions regarding accomodation to: kurser@korrofestivalen.se.

Your course ticket can be purchased here. Don’t forget to fill in your food prefenences.
NOTE: Tickets are not refundable, however you can always sell them if you are unable to come.

For each course there are five tickets reserved for you as a student. First come, first served. You need to be able to prove yourself to be a student before AND after the summer.

Regarding questions about courses, e-mail: kurser@korrofestivalen.se