Scandinavian Bonsai Retreat 2018

Scandinavian Bonsai Retreat 2018


Start time: Saturday 10:00 (25 August)
End time: Sunday 19:00 (26 August)


Scandinavian Bonsai Retreat is a small independent weekend workshop situated in the mountains of Dalarna, in the heart of Sweden.
The weekend is dedicated to the passion for bonsai but also the knowledge, joy and friendship that everyone bring to the fire. Its a retreat from buzzling cities, stress and is held in the quiet surroundings of the small city of Älvdalen. It is an ALL inclusive weekend so that everything is taken care of and everyone can just arrive to a set table.

We all stay 2 nights in heated 2 and 4 bed cabins on the beach of the river Österdalälven. It is possible to book more nights. Let us know ahead

From morning to afternoon on saturday and sunday we will be working on our own, or local trees from Thor Holvilas nursery. 2018 the workshop is held by Harry Harrington and is dedicated to the art of carving deadwood and styling.
There will also be held a Ikebana drop in workshop lead by Carina Jern during the weekend.

After arrival friday evening we will all eat around the fire and will be able to onload all stuff into the cabins. After breakfeast on saturday and sunday theworkshop will begin and at the end of saturday ther will be a lecture about pots with Alex Mai Bonsai Rudd. On sunday there will be a demo in potmaking with Thor Holvila

There will be breakfeast, lunch and evening grill catered by a local restaurant that specialice in local dishes. There will also be snacks and drinks available at all time.

How to get there
From Stockholm/Arlanda its a few hours drive. Trains leave from the airport to Mora every hour. From Mora It is possible to get picked up friday, and droped of sunday and monday. Contact us for more info.

How to book one of the limited spots
We want to keep it to 12 participants so that everyone will get the most out the weekend and the workshop. You book your spot by contacting Thor Holvila in a PM or by mail to


* There is a possibility to stay longer and explore the beautifull surroundings and the wildlife. There is also possible to bring partner and family. Contact us if you want to know more about these options.

Contact: Thor Holvila by PM or mail to

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Skidläger i vackra Dalarna för både nybörjare & erfaren

Skidläger i vackra Dalarna för både nybörjare & erfaren

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Älvdalen, Sweden, Älvdalen