SalsaFever Enschede - Goes to Sweden Kizomba Festival

SalsaFever Enschede - Goes to Sweden Kizomba Festival


Start time: Thursday 10:00 (22 February)
End time: Monday 13:00 (26 February)


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Code : JSI & DJ JSI

Flight tickets price:
Amsterdam - Göteborg (GOT) €128
Dusseldorf - Göteborg (GOT) €100



We can't wait to recieve you 2018 for our 4th edition. You know it will be AWESOME ♥


Love from the #SwedenKizomba team
Tickets available NOW

+ 5 crazy parties and late night afterparties
+ Great international artists and DJ:s
+ 56 Workshops (4 rooms, all levels)
+ 40+ Taxi dancers and high level social dancing
+ 3 Dance floors with the best mix of Kizomba, Semba, Bachata and Salsa
+ Amazing atmosphere
+ All Workshops and Parties at our main Venue:
Ullevi Football Stadium Event Center

SYS Choreo and Master Classes are upgrade add ons and not for beginners.

*** *** *** LINE-UP 2018 *** *** ***

Ronie Saleh (Swe) - Confirmed
Laurent & Adeline(Fra) - Confirmed
Enah & Carolina(Fra)- Confirmed
Moun & Marta (Fra) - Confirmed
Donald Wilson (De) - Confirmed
Greg & Tania (USA//Spa) - Confirmed
Stou! (Fra) - to be confirmed
Sayana (UK) - Confirmed
Oncle Kani (Fra) - Confirmed
Nasser & Ming (Swe) - Confirmed
Jazzy Cubango (Fra) - Confirmed
Francois & Jessica (Sz) - Confirmed
Charles Ogar (Usa) - Confirmed
Fuse Fam (Swe) - Confirmed
Cris & Helena (Swe) - Confirmed
Jessie & Elin (Swe) - TO BE Confirmed
Billy & Monica - kizomba harmony ( usa) - Confirmed
Fabian & Nicolina (Swe) - to be confirmed
The Dream Kiz (Fra) - Confirmed
Teresa Jimenez (Swe) - to be Confirmed
Liza & Ramez (Swe) - to be Confirmed
Kizz'Illusion (Fra) - to be Confirmed

Semba Danmark (Den) - Confirmed
Ewa (No) - To be confirmed
Sol & Laura (UK) - Confirmed
Gigi (Swe) - to be Confirmed
Biskit (UK) - Confirmed

Nima & Lovisa - Confirmed (Swe)

DJ Chad (Fra) - Confirmed
DJ Alnova (Fra) - Confirmed
DJ Snakes (Fra) - Confirmed
DJ Karl Con Klass (Fra) - Confirmed
DJ Kaz (Fra) - Confirmed
DJ JSI(Ne) - Confirmed
DJ Da Mata(Angola) - Confirmef
DJ Morelasoul(Ne)- Confirmed
DJ S-Estii (Swe) - Confirmed
DJ Ogar (US) - Confirmed
DJ Lassen (Den) - Confirmed
DJ Suave (Swe) - Confirmed
DJ Bangolano(UK) - Confirmed
DJ Miro (UK) - to be Confirmed
DJ Batman (Swe) - to be Confirmed
DJ Pyro - to be Confirmed
DJ Humberto (Cap Verd)- Confirmed
DJ Sören (Swe) - to be Confirmed
DJ Brutal (Swe) - to be Confirmed
DJ Billy the Kiz (US)- Confirmed
DJ Fred Maestro (Fra) - Confirmed
DJ Kizmology (Swe) - to be Confirmed
Taxi Dancers
DreamKiz - Paris - Confirmed
Cassanova -Paris Confirmed
Stou Dancers - Confirmed
ModeZero- Confirmed
Mistiq - Confirmed
Over 45 taxis

Official Photographer: Acid Burn, Crazy Lion
Offical Videographers: OnKizomba, Farrantini
Plus many more coming ;)

*** *** *** BUY PASS AND REGISTER HERE *** *** ***
links from last year parties.. this yr more fun...


Friday - Back to school

Saturday - Dress to impress

Sunday - Army

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Alternative registration in sweden
Email with confirmation of your payment to
Bg 866-7099 and your name, leader/follower

Love from the #SwedenKizomba team