Upcoming events at Kiruna, Sweden

Fotoreise Aurora Borealis (Polarlicht-Fotografie) Nord-Schweden

Fotoreise Aurora Borealis (Polarlicht-Fotografie) Nord-Schweden

Wednesday 06:00 (14 March)
Kiruna, Sweden, Kiruna

Fjallraven Classic 2018 (Thailand Team)

Fjallraven Classic 2018 (Thailand Team)

Friday 09:00 (17 August)
Kiruna, Sweden, Kiruna

Magical Lapland Express With IESK

Magical Lapland Express With IESK


Start time: Wednesday 09:00 (29 November)
End time: Sunday 12:00 (10 December)


Our this years Lapland season is about to begin! So get ready, dress warm, and jump on board for an amazing and unforgettable adventure to one of the most remote places in Europe.

Have you ever been across the Arctic Circle? Here's your chance. As you can imagine, traveling so way up north is a whole different experience from traveling in sunny and warm southern Europe, so we advise you to get prepared before the departure and browse through our section dedicated to winter traveling.

Tour dates: 29 Nov - 04 Dec 2017
05 Dec - 11 Dec 2017

Duration: 6 days

Price: 384 eur

Departure city: Karlstad

BOOKING AND INFORMATION: http://www.scanbaltexperience.com/iesk-karlstad-lapland-express


Transportation by bus during the whole tour
Hostel standard accommodation, on a shared-room basis for 3 nights
Tour managers services and guiding
Breakfast on day 2 (B)
Visit to the Ice Hotel
Sauna and an arctic swim
Visit to a Sami family with reindeer
Evening in the Tipi tent with open fire and hot wine

The chance to see the Aurora Borealis in the arctic night during the right circumstances
Cross the Arctic Circle
Drink a cold beer in a sauna and roll around in the snow or have an arctic swim
Experience the Sami culture
Visit the world famous Ice Hotel in JukkasjÀrvi
Go snowmobiling or dog sledding
Go cross country skiing
Party with new friends


Daytrip to Norway Fjord area if the weather allows - if trip will depart, then payment in cash to tour guide - 15 EUR or 150 SEK

PS! Non students pay 25 eur/per pax/trip extra!