Kattegat Challenge - Home of the Vikings July 4.

Kattegat Challenge - Home of the Vikings July 4.


Start time: Wednesday 04:00 (04 July)
End time: Wednesday 23:00 (04 July)


Kiosken i Gårda Brygga
Hamnvägen 9, Åsa


Kattegat (or in correct Swedish Kattegatt) is the ocean between Sweden and Denmark and also the home town of Vikings in the well-known TV show Vikings. No one knows where Kattegat is located since it’s a fictive city. But far out on the horizon looking from Åsa you can see one of the oldest light houses in Sweden from 1624. It was the Danish King that decided that it must be a light house here since it was very hard to navigate here and a lot of ships ended up as ship wrecks. Already in the 16th century, it was mentioned, and the name is said to come from the resemblance of a killer whale, which was called Hnydingr in forn Nordic language.

The most common wind direct on Kattegat is south west wind. But in order to provide the very best conditions we will leave on a boat from the harbour in Varberg 0630 in the morning and then have a water start hopefully 8 km outside Nidingen and then paddle towards Åsa and finish at Gårda Brygga. The goal is to have around 28 km course for the elite paddlers. Start will be around 0830. After the start the boat will be in front of all paddlers for around 15 km and then drop off the rest of the paddlers so they get to paddle with the elite paddlers. Drop off time will be around 0945 depending on the conditions.

The first paddlers will finish around 1100, but it depends a lot on the conditions of course.

We also have some spots available for audience if you would like to follow the competition from the boat. We have space for 48 persons on the boat in total.

If we get good conditions, it will be up to head high wind swell on the open ocean and since Kattegat is shallow the waves are steeper than normal ocean conditions.

The elite class is for paddlers who has done or aim to paddle international competitions like M2O, Olukai or similar competitions. For national paddlers we would like to see that you have finished Sea Masters, Öresund SUP Challenge or a similar competition.

The 12 km course is slightly easier since it’s shorter. Depending on the wind speed and the size of the waves we might adjust the length, so it is makeable for most paddlers. But you still need to be a confident paddler in open ocean conditions to participate in this race. The size of the waves will be similar to the open ocean when getting closer to Åsa since we’re getting close to the best surf spots in the area. The last 3 km gets easier conditions so you will finish gracefully.

If we get to much wind (average wind of more than 11 m/s) we will not be able to drop off by boat. But then we also have very nice down wind conditions launching from land and we have several options in order to provide the best possible conditions.

Down wind classes
Elite 28 km
Fun division 12 km

SUP is the main division, but we’re happy to see outriggers and surfskis compete as well if we have space left on the boat.
SUP 14 fot (to be fair for Eurotour paddlers).

Personal Safety Equipment
Life Jacket
GPS for navigation is recommended
GPS transmitter from organiser for live tracking and safety reasons

July 4

Meet up in Varberg in the harbour
We will leave Åsa 0530 in the morning and meet up in Varberg 0600 and load the boards on the boat and depart around 0630. It’s very important that you’re on time since the boat will not wait for you. From the harbour to the start it will be around 1 hour boat ride.

Adress to the harbour in Varberg: Otto Torells Gata 5.

Race Start
- Elite Class 28 km - Around 0830 launching from the boat
- Fun Division 12 km – Around 0945

Finishing time
- From 1100 until 1300 depending on conditions

After Finish
- You will get lunch by the ocean and you can watch all paddlers finishing the race from the veranda.

16.00 – 3-5 km beginners to elite race
- All paddlers start together (elite and fun divisions, juniors separate). Fun classes have a shorter lap and elite class a longer and more technical. We try our best so that the fun divisions have a good chance to do one lap at the same time as the elite racers, so we get some action when watching the race. 3 laps in total (each lap approximately 1000 – 1500 m).

17.00 junior race 500 - 1000
- This race is for the youngest paddlers from 8-15 years. 8-12 years paddle maximum 500 m and 12-15 years paddle 1 km.

BBQ, Price ceremony & Party start 1730
- After the 3 km fun race and the junior race we will have the price ceremony and then BBQ and also a bit of party for the ones that have some energy left.
- Price for the BBQ is 12 EUR (125 SEK) and you need to pre-book the dinner. You can buy beer and non-alcoholic beverages at the kiosk by the ocean.

Contact Person:
- Göran Sivertsson. + 46 737 238 056 or goran@lapoint.se

- 2 000 EUR price money to the sup elite classes. 1 place = 500, 2 = 300 and 3 = 200.
- One race board for the value of 2300 EUR will be drawn, so all participants that finished the race can win this board. Both the down wind competition, 3 km race and 500 m junior race.
- Lapoint surf camp (www.lapointcamps.com) will also give away 3 surf trips for total value of 1500 EUR. Everyone that finished the race can win a free surf trip with a value of 500 EUR.
- Plenty of give aways from Surfskjulet for a value of?

Starting Fee
- 90 eur for the down wind race and the 3 km fun race is included
- 10 eur only for the funrace and you can also rent a board for 5 EUR
- Junior race 5 eur and board is included.

The first people that sign up can stay in our house for free in Åsa and we have around 12 spots here.

When it's full its several options. The closest one to Gårda Brygga is the camping ground 100 m from the kiosk if you have a camping van. Toilets and showers and the cost is 10 EUR/night for a camper van.

There's one B&B place close by as well: .
- Åsa Jutegård (https://jutegard.se/)

If it's full then there's also a place just by the ocean (4 km from Gårda Brygga) with 100 beds and the restaurant is called Nidingen since you'll see the light house from the restaurant.

Link to Löftadalens Folkhögskola (information only in Swedish so let us know if you want some help if you would like to book accommodation here).

If you prefer to stay in a tent there's also a big camping ground close by Åsa Camping & Havsbad (http://asacamping.se/index.php/en/)

A little south of Åsa is Frillesås if all accommodation is full it's also a nice option the camping in Vallersvik: http://www.vallersvik.com/

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